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Kimberly Medlock is president of Productive Matters – a productivity training, coaching and consulting company. As a member of the National Speakers Association, Professional Organizer, Certified Microsoft Outlook Specialist and someone who hates to waste precious time, she teaches about the amazing power of time management and organization and its profound impact on all aspects of personal and professional lives.

She will show you how productivity, team work, personal well-being and the bottom-line are needlessly sabotaged due to a lack of focus, organization, clutter, avoidable interruptions and unintentional annoyances among co-workers. She delivers instant takeaway from every presentation that helps individuals and teams significantly improve the quality of their day.

Kimberly lives in the Memphis, TN area, is blissfully married and has three really awesome kids.

Here are some things you might find good to know about me:

Business Info:

Registered Corporate Coach and member of the WABC.
Microsoft Certified Outlook Specialist.
Professional Organizer.
Trained DiSC Facilitator.
And just for fun, I am certified as an Interior Redesign Specialists. (Because functional should be able to look good too!)
Active member of the National Speakers Association and currently President-Elect for the Tennessee Chapter.
I have enjoyed very successful sales careers in both the corporate sectors and as an independent sales consultant. In both, I earned some of the company’s highest awards and recognition. (I’m just saying.)
I started my own training/consulting company in 2006, focusing on productive matters for individuals, teams and organizations. I have a special interest in working with working-parents and small/independent business owners and entrepreneurs. I am a true entrepreneur at heart!
I believe that being productive matters. (FYI, productive doesn’t mean “busy”… productive builds you up…busy wears you down.) I believe that when people feel they are “being productive”, they are generally happier. When people are happier, they treat others better, tend to have more energy and thus able to be even more productive and influential.
My “gift” has always been creative thinking and influencing others to do/be their best. I am following both my passion and my calling at this point in my life.

The Personal Info:

I am creative, energetic and a cut-to-the-chase kind of person, who likes to get things done.
I love to learn and am generally a risk-taker.
I like technology when it’s simple and it works.
My DiSC profile is a D and I. (Director/Influencer)
I have been blissfully married to the man of my dreams since 1990.
I have three of the best kids you will ever meet. (No, really I do. You can ask anybody.)
We are supporters of The Palmer Home for Children (www.palmerhome.org) and blessed to be a sponsor family for Joseph! I also make the time to help and lead projects for my kid’s school and special events in our community. I believe that volunteering, (giving back) is an essential part of a happy, well-balanced and productive life.
I like to read, write, plan. I enjoy and have a knack for “problem-solving”.
I believe that I am my #1 productivity tool so maintain a healthy diet and work-out at least 3-4 times a week.
I believe that how I feed my mind is just as, if not more important than how I feed by body.
I believe in God and go to church. You can hear/learn from some really great messages here – http://www.mylifefellowship.com. (Warning, our pastor can be funny!)
I serve my business community as an executive advisory board member for the local IAAP Chapter. (International Association of Administrative Professionals)
My Favorite things to do: Going to concerts with my husband. (Some of our favorites have been Van Halen’s reunion concert 2009 (AWESOME!), The Eagles, Keith Urban (LOVE HIM!), AC/DC, Billy Currington, Journey, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Darius Rucker, the CMT Awards Show, Nashville Music Fest.)

My philosophy and approach…

I believe in the power of organization…for your time, mind, spaces and information. After all, how would you feel…how would your life be different if you were “more organized” in these areas. I have witnessed at how even subtle amounts of organization to an environment can positively impact people. When your work environment is disorganized it can be tremendous drain of mental energy. There’s something about having clarity and control over all the loose ends that makes a person feel confident to handle situations. I am an expert at helping people learn how to “clear the clutter” in their time, mind, spaces and information. Doesn’t that sound good to you?

Helping people to identify their goals and objectives and then to create the environment, habits, perspectives and daily activities to help them achieve these is an area that seems to come naturally to me. However, while my style is often direct and straight-forward, I also very much appreciate the profound benefits of just “listening”. Sometimes, just having someone to listen to you “talk out loud” and get it all out of your head, can be all that’s needed to help you get clarity on an issue. Let’s talk. coachkim@kimberlymedlock.com

Why Hire Kimberly?

Ask around your office: What is the number #1 stressor or excuse for not getting more done? The answer is typically, “There is not enough time.” There is e-mails and information overload; stacks, piles and clutter are everywhere; ridiculous meetings and constant interruptions and people oblivious to other’s needs.

Note: These conditions are the leading causes of stress in the workplace. Employees’ stress-related symptoms are not only a serious drain on productivity but also a huge factor in your company’s rising health-care costs.

So I ask: What could learning better time-management, organization and leadership skills do for your company?


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